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University of Minnesota Webinar Rebroadcast: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving with Nan Gesche. A well-stated problem is half solved. One of the biggest challenges of problem solving is being clear about what you are trying to accomplish. You need to be able to define problems in such a way that you can easily explain them to others. To do this, you have to think critically—slowing down your thinking and challenging your assumptions by asking hard questions.

Resilient teams are just as important to businesses as resilient individuals. Especially today, we need teams that can overcome the challenges of these unusual times. A critical foundational component of resilient teams is a climate in which team members feel comfortable expressing and being themselves. Also called “psychological safety,” it is one of the characteristics that most high-performing teams have in common. So how do you build and maintain psychological safety? You may be surprised at how a few small changes can positively impact your team in significant ways.

University of Minnesota Webinar Rebroadcast: Navigating Office Politics, with Nan Gesche, M.A. Office politics isn’t a dirty word and it isn’t just about “sucking up.” Office politics is about gaining visibility and improving relationships to help you be successful on the job. If you don't participate in the political game, you risk not having a say in what happens and allowing people with less experience, skill or knowledge to influence the decisions being made around you. Your personal success, and often your work satisfaction, depend on your ability to collaborate with team members even when their goals may be different than your own.